Thursday, September 01, 2011

Apple Tech

Well, I've been playing apple tech again.  I tried to replace a shattered touch screen on my 3gs.  I mangled some of the plastic along the side with the heat gun and somehow caused the home button to stop working.  I took it apart a couple more times as the double stick 3m adhesive that came with the "kit" didn't stick.  And even resorted to super glue. (it didn't hold the front glass to the plastic either.)  So it sits in pieces waiting for another "kit".  This one pre-assembled.  I just have to slide the LCD in and manipulate those specks of metal they call screws.  We hope to pass this phone on to my hubby when the iphone 5 comes out.  Looks like another month to wait.
I have a tab open in Firefox from World Mag, that talks about iPhone idolatry.  Now is a good time to read it while my iphone sits unavailable on the hassock and the $$ for the upgrade is gathering a miniscule amount of interest in the savings account.

Frank leaves in the morning on a motorcycle trip with Matthew and Emily to CA to help with a "sell this condo" project for Matthew's mom.  I will not have to cook real meals til Monday!  I do have a couple of projects to get started on and not having cooking to interrupt me will help.

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