Wednesday, August 24, 2011

  Dancing With Max
I just finished listening to "Dancing with Max" by Emily Colson with prologue and epilogue by Charles Colson. Having this book narrated by the author and her father made this story so personal. It made me an intimate audience to Emily's day to day struggle between Max's needs and the "system's" demands. Each person created by God is unique.  When you add to the situation,  that person's ability to have and enjoy all that life has to offer being laid upon the shoulders of another, it creates a divine tension. I love this person and will fight to the death for their well-being and at the same time, when and by whom will that same thing apply to me?  Listening to Emily tell the story really drew me into this struggle as well as giving voice to my own narrative. I am also a mother to a son with profound disabilities and through the outpouring of grace on his life I get to watch him touch and change lives by just being who he is.

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