Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back to the rush

Well, I'm back at it. Home with my multiple deadlines.
First on the list is the bowlathon for Special Touch Arizona Summer Getaway. This is the organization Frank and I are coordinating the summer camp for. This is the first time participating in the national bowlathon.
We have just one week left before we bowl. So here is the link to get to my fundraising page.

Just click on the donate button and help me reach my goal. These funds help us to keep the tuition our guests pay affordable. We want them to have the week of their lives and go home with a new best friend - Jesus!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Winding Down

It has been an outstanding week of respite. This WILL happen again. I am blessed to have quality and trusted care for my son.
Today, Tuesday was a down day to relax, prepare Gracey's birthday cake and help prepare dinner. Joe made an amazing spread of fettuccine Alfredo, sausage, crustini and salad. The Alfredo sauce was from scratch. So good. I made a sherbet angel food cake that was a favorite of mine growing up. Everyone enjoyed dinner and then retired to the deck to star gaze. We were even graced with a satellite siting.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Great week

It's been a great week so far.  I've slept in every morning except Friday, when I needed to be up to go into Chicago.  We had a wonerful day walking downtown, shopping a little, geo-caching a little and eating, um, more than a little.

Here are some of the things we saw.

Gracey, Vickie and I had a great time together.

I've walked at least a little every day except yesterday.  Two good signs of rest and renewal.   Yesterday was an odd day.  I got to see my daughter in two roles: a wonderful mature woman of God filling the pulpit while her pastor enjoyed some much needed and deserved time off

and then as a youth leader and RN while coming to the aid of a distressed teen.  We spent the entire afternoon in an ER waiting room until she could see this young girl off to the help she needed.  She is compassionate and professional.  I stand in awe.
At the end of this ling day, we got to enjoy some great sushi and family time at Golden Rolls Sushi Bar in Woodstock.
Today is a down day to do laundry, shop for tomorrows "dinner par-tey" and later,  more visiting with friends.
I could get used to this unencumbered lifestyle.

My brother just decided there will be no spring in Woodstock.  Today there was a big fat bumble bee in the yard and a dandelion in full bloom!!

Familiar Things

So nice to stay with family. I have a lovely room to myself. My sister-in-law is a quilter so I sleep under one of her creations. It gives me inspiration, but I know my quilting/ sewing days won't be happening until at least one major category of time allotment is absent from my plate, if not two. I probably already have one or two too many as it is.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ready for a week in Woodstock IL

Settled in at my brother Joe and sister-in-law Jane's  house on Dane. Their 4 dogs thoroughly welcomed me!
We went out to eat at Chop Suey Hut, a woodstock landmark establishment. I clipped this pic from google street view.
Waiting for Gracey to get off work and maybe go out for a coffee.

Weather is fine up here!

Well no surprise, I slept most of the flight. I usually do. There was a little bumpy stuff over the Rockies and a rougher landing than I'm used to, but a good flight. Now to see what my husband's hard earned money has afforded me in rental cars. He's so sweet to top off my vacation with my own wheels.

Moving humanity

More and more and more and MORE feet! Dr Seuss had a description for every situation.
Security watches me while I watch my stuff.

Morning has officially started

Well, I'm parked and riding the shuttle to the airport. All this happening by the time I'm usually rolling out of bed!

Way too early

Well, I was packed last night and went to bed before midnight. How responsible of me - tongue in cheek.
Got to have breakfast with my husband, too.
Two hour drive to the airport in the dark desert and a Starbucks for the plane when I get to Vegas.
Looks like the weather in Woodstock will be better than here!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I get a unique opportunity to travel all by myself! Dom is going into respite care and I'm flying off to Illinois to be with Gracey for her birthday! What a treat.
This morning I am packing two piles of luggage: Dom's and mine. At least I don't have to pack the van for this trip. I'll possibly be taking a road trip in October. I haven't decided yet.
I have a few errands to run and when Frank gets off work, we go out to eat. It's date night don't ya know.
Golden Corral with their chocolate fountain!
This month, I'm still busy with the Special Touch Ministry Bowlathon for our AZ getaway.
What is a GetAway?
It’s five days, in residence, camp-style retreat for people with mental or physical disabilities to find fellowship with others in a Christian atmosphere.
Its not too late to get your gift in!

Help me make my goal of $1000!