Sunday, August 09, 2009

Okay, so I've been thinking on a subject that I will attempt to put into coherent prose. Morals, standards and judging. I know, big subject. If Christ fulfilled the law, what are morals and standards. And what are people really trying to do when they judge.
I found the book "The Shack" at a recent thrift store forage and thought I would find out what the hullabaloo is about. I did get me thinking. I never like imagery of the sort used in the story. I don't mind fiction if it's based on reality, but not total fantasy trying to be real. (Now, fantasy stories that are allegorical I like. ) Any way, it's just some thinking I'm doing and I will cover it slowly as I mull. Feel free to step in and add to the flow - concise thoughts please, so as not to lose my attention.
I've also just finished my first book for review from NavPress. I need to write a 200 word review. Then I get to chose another book. Fun!

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