Friday, August 28, 2009

So, lately I've been trying to find a bible study by someone who actually believes the bible alone without embellishments. Crossed two names off my list: one I haven't looked at before and one I had ready to use. I think the selfist, selfish, self-first, self-love, self-aggrandizement, self-protective, self-etc. attitude of america has left us with a self-created god. If we truley believed who God is and Jesus is and the Holy Spirit is, and who we are and where we came from and being loved before we knew we needed it, we would be much less self centered and more humbled and grateful.


Vickie said...

You mean it's not all about me????? j/k
I agree with you, let me know what you find!

Jean said...

Well, I've eliminated Neil Anderson and Beth Moore. Settled on Kay Arthur and inductive bible study.

How to have a real relationship with God.

Jean said...

I've decided on an Alicia Britt Chole book. It's brand new.