Monday, July 27, 2009

Okay, life is speeding up again. Had a great birthday and anniversary. Now it's time to get busy again. I have my office back in the room, but far from settled. I can get to my desk, that's about it. I have a trip to Phoenix with Dom tomorrow, a concert I want to attend next week, Memphis trip to St. Jude's the 2nd week in Aug, Special Touch Chapter meeting the 3rd weekend. I need to hold a rummage sale at the church for the rest of WM's retreat registration monies, and the only time is the 8th, and that's not far away. We camp out with the church Labor Day weekend and the end of that same week is Wm's retreat! Alicia Chole, what a treat, can't wait. Then at the end of the month/beginning of Oct is a Special Touch Coordinator training in WI, and Gracey graduates in December. Frank and I haven't decided who goes to that. I would love for him to get away, but I would love to be there, too. We'll see. Then already already looking at next year, in March I have a trip back to Waupaca for Exposé. We could possibly put off the rummage sale. I'll have to check on what we have in the WM's account. Amazing what just thinking I have some level of adjustment in the schedule can alleviate some of the stress.
I'm almost done with the first book from NavPress. I signed up to review books and get to keep all the books I read. I will finish today and write and post maybe by the end of the week.

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