Thursday, April 23, 2009

The way things appear

My mind/emotions most of my life were formed by unhealthy people and environments. I waited a long time to develop the "self" that I needed before I could grow and mature. I used others personalities and tastes to portrait myself to the world. Now that I kind of know that I am wonderfully made by my creator and have purpose and a future, I don't have to worry that someone will find out that I may have been "bs-ing" them with a made-up person. I can just be me and let people like me or not. Well, lately, I guess the "me" that people see is someone who is competent enough to take on some pretty big positions. I travelled to Phoenix on Tuesday to attend the AZ District Council of the Assemblies of God. I went to a women's missions brunch because the Women's Ministry chooses a focus mission for the year and take pledges for that mission and raise funds all year. This year the focus is Special Touch Ministry, Inc. What a blessing to know there will be a large donation coming to this ministry which has captured my heart. I sat at the table with the coordinators for the Arizona Getaway as well as key people who put a lot of time and energy in and watched their thrill when the pledges of $44,750 was announced of which we will get about 43% of this time next year.
Later I was able to mingle in the open lobby where we had a booth set up to talk to interested people, I was acknowledged by several top people in the district. It was amazing that people recognized me and seem to have beeen seeking me out with intentions of connecting me to other key people. I met a mother of a teen with disabilities. Her husband is executive vice president of American Indian College In Phoenix. We had quite a lengthy conversation, but the thing that surprised me was that several people had sought me out to introduce us because they thought I had something to offer. That same day, the Women's Department Director asked if I would take on a Seconal leadership position. Regretfully, I declined, but offered her my cooperation should she need me for projects from time to time. I really felt my focus should be single right now and special touch is it. Then to finish off this astounding day, I was asked to take on a new position at our Arizona Getaway this June as Team Leader. This is a stepping stone, as the Arizona Coordinator wants to hand off their reins to me in the next couple of years! Who is this person that others see and where did she come from. I know where I started and with what few tools I had. Keeping this in mind, I can trust that who others see is someone purposely fitted into the body of Christ to further the kingdom. Fearfully, I advance in that direction and take on more than I think I am capable of only to see it accomplished to His glory. So, maybe I'll be able to call the Women's Department Director at a later time and take her up on her offer, after some of the fear and trembling has subsided.

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Vickie said...

It is amazing what God can do with a life fully surrendered to Him. You are an inspiration to me!!!!!