Friday, November 09, 2012

10 steps back to go one step forward

So, I have been having problems with my MacBook Pro running slow and stalling often. (Spinning beach ball) I have Drive Genius and thought I would give it a whirl. I get the instructions out and it says to make a different boot drive and install Drive Genius on it. Okay now I have that. Then as I get ready to run the Drive Genius they say its best to back up, so I decide to use Drive Genius to make the clone and it won't as long as I'm booted into the drive. (SuperDuper doesn't mind) so, I look for an external drive with a place to store the bootable drive and I have to check all three drives I have to find the oldest one so I can feel comfortable erasing it, and then trying to figure out if I have to have Drive Genius on the bootable drive? So I download Drive Genius again. Now I'm confused as to which drive I have to have attached.
About this same time my mom shows up unannounced with stuff in her hand that I'm assuming she wants me to look at, though she doesn't say it. So I stop what I'm doing and go on the Internet to look up her EOB's from some recent Dr visits. After finding them and doing the math to check on the validity of her bill, she gets up to leave and saying goodby to my daughter (her granddaughter) I think that's more of the reason she came.
After all that, I gather my concentration skills once again and decide on the drive I will use and start the clone using SuperDuper to save on any more thinking. I'll use what I know works.
After the clone is done and making sure it boots, I may or may not have time to actually run Drive Genius on my MacBook Pro. So 6 hours ago I had a thought and I haven't advanced one inch in that thought's commencement.

I'll have time tomorrow to work on Drive Genius. We'll see what it finds.

I also just noticed the last blogging spurt was when I was in IL visiting Gracey and with this entry I am watching a movie on Gracey's last day of her visit here.
She is here to help her Momma as I just had my lady parts extracted and can't do any of my normal activities which include taking care of Dominic. It was wonderful to see her and wonderful to have her help too. We even had time to play!

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