Saturday, April 09, 2011

Enough, already!!


Okay, so the weather here has been so messy.  We got the front yard weeded before Frank left and my legs are still stiff and sore a week later.  I left the can in the yard thinking I could pick up piles of weeds and fill the can for the next trash pick up.  Well, it won't quit raining and just to spite me, it's snowing, too.  This is April and I live in the desert!  Where is my sun?!! I want it to be warm.

 I need to load the van on Monday and head down to the "valley of the sun" for District Council.  I will be manning a display table for Special Touch Ministry, Inc.  Promoting AZ Summer Getaway.  With the dates of Aug 8-12th this year, the contacts I make at District Council actually have time to get applications in and we could have many new guests.  I also want to promote the Caregivers in Training (CIT) program.  We have teens, age 14-17, come and we pair them with a caregiver to form a training/mentoring relationship.  It's a missions trip for them and they don't have to even leave the state.

I am spending the month of April without my husband.  He is laid off the whole month and having always bemoaned the stories of people able to take a month and travel, we found this to be a God-send for him to do what he has always wanted to do.  He is making it a game to spend as little as he can besides gas.  He is calling it a "couch surfing" trip.  He has his still camera and his new video one too and I hope he is taking pics.  He wants to journal the trip and pictures and video always help tell the story.

My time alone is not without activities. I have a pretty full month.  District Council next week with the day I return, hopefully getting to the practice for our first performance of a women's barbershop singers group I recently joined with my Mom.  The concert is on Sat the 16th.  We are sharing the spotlight with the City of Kingman Community Choir.
The rest of the month is filled with Dr's appointments and the such.  I've been working in my office on paperwork that has created a small mountain.

I bought a program called Paperless.  I need to start with tax related receipts but want to go through a lot of files and make files of important docs and get rid of  the paper.  (Looooooonng term goal)
For now, I need to file an extension for our '10 taxes because my back has had all the desk time it can take.  And put together the stuff I need to take to Phoenix next week.

So even with the man gone, my life continues on it's merry, busy, way.

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