Monday, June 07, 2010


Well, my son has a litany that he goes through each morning.  A teasing session of sorts.  He pronounces that, "I am going to work!  not you!!"  Well, I ask him if I can come and he tells me, "no."  Then he sentences me to "stay home and work!"  He obviously has two totally different definitions of work. His work is good and my work is not.  He will have fun and I will not.  
Well, with the last few weeks being quite full, I have found myself "working" steadily to accomplish everything that needed to get done.  I had deadlines to spur me on, but now I just have a to-do list.  I am having to keep the bit in my mouth and keep moving.  
This forced activity level needs to morph into a daily activity level.  I didn't get to watch any TV while we were at Special Touch Getaway May 24-28th and just that week let me make a long enough break to not  need to sit and watch all the stuff I used to.  (There is scientific findings that you burn fewer calories watching TV than you do sleeping!)
Another thing I've been working on is losing the weight that I put on at an alarming rate when the Dr. tried a medicine to help with my pain level.  I have found that the typical pain signal blockers do not work and the side-effects  were quite detrimental to my psyche.  The "activity level" I am keeping lately has helped in losing half of the weight gain.  If I can use that as incentive, it is another reason to keep up the work and have it benefit my list as well as my scale readings.
I spent the morning helping a friend clean and rearrange her home and I really like the hard work, knowing I am pumping out those endorphins as well as burning calories.  The satisfying feeling of cleared space is good for my brain, too.  I'm not asking for more friends that need major help working, but I am thankful for the work this week to further my training of body and soul to greater health and productivity.

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