Sunday, January 03, 2010

As I enjoy the smell of spiral ham warming in the oven and anticipate a pleasant
evening at church fellowship dinner in a little less than an hour, I thought I
would share some thoughts from today's reading. I will try to do this often.
I found that two people were presented in the Old and New Testament readings
were ordained to bring relief. Noah's name, in vs 29, means: this one shall
bring us relief. And of course Christ, in whom His father is well pleased, will
bring salvation to the world in a short 3 years past the present narrative.
Noah was 600 before his name will have literal meaning. Christ was 30 years in
spiritual and physical growth and preparation.
We need to grasp every moment to become prepared for whatever God has in store
for our future. Whether that time is tomorrow, next year or in 20 years. We
need that time to be ready.
Just a short note.
You can post a note with your thoughts to help your fellow readers glean the
most from our daily readings.
Just 362 more days to go!!

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