Thursday, September 17, 2009

Been frustrated lately with Dom's aug comm device. A Dynavox VMax. It is supposed to be the end all of devices, but it keeps crashing. It has all the communication software as well as being a computer running XP. I have had many problems with it and had to send it in for more memory first and then for repairs. Makes me want the new touch screen mac to hurry up and get here.
I am going to Prescott Valley for a training with the Special Touch Ministry training team for Chapters . It will be local groups that can meet for fellowship and ministry. Summer Getaway is only once a year and this will help to keep the ministry flowing.
And in two weeks Frank and I get to fly away without the short one. Again, for a Special Touch event. Frank is thrilled to drive through the fall colors as we make our way from Milwaukee to Waupaca. We also get to see Gracey, Zach and whoever else tracks us down. I will stop at my brother's new house, too.
Women's Ministry is starting up again at Living Faith Assembly of God! We have a bible study and we will also meet once a month for fellowship.

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