Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Well, it's March already. I am preparing to be gone a month again. Hopefully for the last time. My next trip needs to be total pleasure. I leave the 15th and return a month and a day later. I am taking my keyboard with me this time. It was a long time without playing last time and I had other things with me that I never touched.

I'm attending the Special Touch Exposé in Waupaca. This ministry is what I really want to become involved in. I am pressing in, but with trepidation. I know that the fear is not God, it's just my flesh not wanting to be stretched and demanded upon.

I am reading a book on thinning out my lifestyle. I'm having a garage sale this weekend to rid myself of more things. I want to make enough for Women's retreat this fall and also give a tithe to Special Touch.

Arizona is really abdicating it's responsibility to those who are the most vulnerable. They are making immoral cuts in funding for services to the disabled, leaving some with no services seemingly overnight.

I'm almost done with our taxes, but will file an extension anyway to not have it on my list before I leave. Along that same route is getting out of debt. I have a couple of Dave Ramsey books to read on my trip.

I'm also on a body thinning route. I have gotten back down to my old friend, plateau. I am going to have to stick the induction out til I start to really lose. I will make a friend of hunger.

So that's it. My disjointed, chaotic life.

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Vickie said...

It seems this year is all about simplicity. I talked to so many people who are getting rid of stuff, getting out of debt and trying to live a simpler life. I know for me, dealing with mom stuff has made me want to not have anything! Can't wait to see you!